Epidural Abscess | Patients Legal Rights

If you have been injured due to mistreatment or misdiagnosis of an epidural abscess, you may be entitled to compensation. Call 407-244-3000 to speak to a lawyer.

Your Legal Rights

If you believe you or someone you love may be suffering the effect of epidural abscess misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis, you may be able to file a lawsuit to secure compensation for your losses.

An epidural abscess attorney can help identify and discuss the facts of the case to determine if the you have grounds to file a legitimate lawsuit.

The epidural abscess lawyer can help:

  • Gather necessary information, documentation, and evidence.
  • Determine relevant laws and requirements for the state in which the case is filed.
  • Perform necessary legal and medical research to support the case.
  • Conduct interviews of witnesses and expert medical witnesses for presentation in court.
  • Negotiate with the defendant and insurance companies to seek the highest compensation possible.

Please be advised that you only have 2 years from the time of the delay or misdiagnosis and no more than 4 years after evidence of medical malpractice to file a lawsuit.

What To Expect

Epidural abscess cases take a long time. They may run as long as one and one half to two years from the time of your initial meeting with me to the conclusion of the case. They can also feel very invasive. You’ll be asked to gather and submit all of your medical records and provide them to the attorneys involved in the case.

This doesn’t mean your case is not worth pursuing. Anyone who has been injured due to medical malpractice such as misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis has the right to seek compensation for those injuries.

You may be able to receive compensation for:

  • Human Damages. This includes things like disability, physical impairment, pain & suffering, loss of capacity to enjoy life, and mental anguish.
  • Medical Bills. Compensation may be sought for past and current medical bills including hospital bills, surgeries, physical or occupational therapy, medications, and on-going medical care.
  • Loss of Ability to Earn Future Income. If you have been left unable to work, you may be able to receive compensation for future lost wages.

If you have been injured by an epidural abscess, contact me, William Ruffier, at 407-244-3000 to discuss your situation in a free and confidential setting.